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Mista Spoz

Music Producer - Composer - Audio Engineer - Concert Addict

If you were wondering what you get with a dash of Latin spice, a hint of ‘Joie de vivre’ and a heaped spoonful of locally grown talent, the result is none other than Miami’s own Mista Spoz.

Since he was a mere appetizer, Mista Spoz knew that his passion lay in music. After attending the Audio Recording Technology Institute for Audio Production (sound design - producing - recording - editing) and the University of Central Florida for Music (music theory - composing) & Marketing his appreciation for the art of production matured like a fine wine. 

Mista Spoz began honing his skills in local studios; being a multi-instrumentalist around South Florida playing piano, guitar, percussion, and drums he’s cooking up live performances of some of his original creations. Using a loop pedal to create a 5-piece band in front of your eyes.

With his unique ability to fuse flavors from every genre, his radically distinctive and without equal approach allows Mista Spoz to deliver a delectable taste sensation to every hungry listener. His love for film & the art of story telling beams through his production & compositions. 

Baked at about 90 degrees for 24 years in the South Florida sun, Michael ‘Mista Spoz’ Sapoznik has begun to produce a serving of some of the most unique delicacies of sound that the ear has ever tasted.  

His eclectic flair and creative approach to music production makes Mista Spoz a must have for collaborating music connoisseurs. It wasn’t long before he began recording his debut albumThe Résumé and is about to give the music & film industry a tasting of what’s on the menu for the future.

Mista Spoz is always on the lookout for artists and talent that he can collaborate with to create the next serving of musical and artistic dessert.

Aficionados, prepare your palates! This home-grown talent is only beginning to produce 


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