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Flames for the Fuel

August 10, 2011

     My focus mode has only become more prominent. It’s all about conceptualizing, shaping, and executing the good type of executing.

     A year ago this week I came back from travels abroad with enormous excitement to start my career path. To become a music producer/composer. This whole fiasco with the world economy and jobs etc… didn’t really seem to phase me because I thought if I put my mind to it anything is possible. A year later I still agree with that wholeheartedly but ‘having said that’ (for all of you Curb fans out there) it doesn’t mean that it was guaranteed. All it means is that when it does get tough and it feels like it’s a good time to give up there is no excuse to stop getting there. The mind is put to it. Nothing else to ponder.

In a year I’ve:

·      Purchased & set up a .com, Twitter, Myspace, LinkedIn, Youtube, & Reverb Nation page (thanks to Farin Innovations)

·      Composed & produced 19 songs:

o      9 electronic/dance

o      6 pop

o      2 R&B

o      1 Dance Rock

o      1 Down tempo

·      Been hired to produce, compose, & record

·      Setup a recording studio

·      Participated in 3 different remix contests ranging from electronic (Daft Punk), old school (Marcy Playground) to pop/reggae (John Legend & The Roots)

·      Performed numerous times

·      Worked with 8 different singers

·      Completed my second year of piano lessons etc…

     By now I thought my album would have been released because I thought the easiest part would be is to find talent once I finished the material. Lesson learned. Composing and producing the material was a very fluid motion. The only thing that’s been holding me back is the singing talent that I’ve depicted on my album. Not because they really haven’t been good enough or anything but the training/motivation hasn’t been there for most of them. When you’re talented then you’ve got something to work toward, a specific goal. You're good at it, why not be great at it? A lot of people don’t get to enjoy that, but you’ve got to craft & utilize it over and over again. It’s something I’ve noticed a gap in. Humbleness is a great trait to have and I'm awesome at being humble. 

     I’ve shifted my goals and I’m releasing a snippet of my album, some would call it a demo I call it an appetizer. It’s going to be more electronic based and then I think I’m going to release a pop aperitif. I can’t sit on all of this new music anymore it’s driving me nuts.

     It’s been a busy year and I can’t believe how quick it’s gone by. There’s so much more that needs to be done and it’s just fuel for the flame, calories for the workout, chopping the wood to build, painting the arts and crafts for the… you get the point.

-MS (That's my cuz on the drums for Musical Mondays at my studio)



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