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If only the bench could speak...

February 14, 2011

My mom's my valentines today! couldn't ask for anyone better!

I feel like I’m sitting over a pile of explosives with the detonator in my hand but I just have to wait until my detonator receives the right batteries, it’s like AA batteries are the easiest to find but those circle batteries are the most powerful and the hardest to find. At the end of the day I’m sitting on explosives. Very exciting…

It’s official, Mista Spoz has been launched for over a week and I’m getting such great feedback and interest that it’s so hard to contain, still trying to develop this “cool” artist vibe, can’t just smile all of the time! Or can I? hhmmm…

It’s fascinating to pursue a dream in the place where you dreamt that dream. My house. A place where so many memories: good, bad, conducive, enlightening, incoherent, inspiring, and experimental things have happened. I can’t wait when they bring back VH1’s Behind The Music and they drive up to this cute house and they say “OK Mista Spoz, what happened here?” My first response would be, “let’s talk about the bench outside.” Parties, quiet times, jam sessions, deep philosophical talks, aimlessly joking around, and of course neighborhood watch has happened sitting on the front porch of my house. Anyone who has shared even one memory on that outside bench has said “only if this bench could speak” One time my parents tried convincing us that they installed a video camera outside and usually the normal response would be “Oh crap! What if they saw us do this and that!?” No. Our response was “Yes!!!!!! there is a way that bench could finally speak!” To our disappointment and theirs it was untrue. One day, we’ll reveal some of the stories that happened there. Trust me you’d want a campfire, smores, and a very very open mind. 




Cesar fishman
February 14, 2011
When did we ever hang out there? hahhaa, keep making your beautiful noise brother.

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