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Live music - live art - fashion show ... whaaa?

April 06, 2011


     I accepted a while ago that whatever journey I embark on is going to involve a lot of work. So I also decided to do whatever I can from the beginning to be involved in things I love.

     So the work has begun, from recording my album to performing live which are two different animals, kind of like tigers and lions. They’re both strong and real cute when they’re little and then kick butt, so yea, we’re at the kicking butt stage.

     Now there’s this live music/live art/fashion show - late night event that I’ve been fashioning (pun intended?). It’s work and I love it. To promote & showcase live music and art that’ll promote consumerism in the local Miami community plus promoting a local charity is just a complete feel good event. It’s like a chick flick without the cheesiness.

     The key now is the charity to align with. I want to make sure which ever one we do align with will directly benefit the cause and not have it be some political nonsense where the money goes from hand to hand and there being nothing by the time it reaches the people it should have. It’s coming from the heart and I want it touch other people’s hearts and that’s the best thing about doing this “work” it feels right doing it.

     It’s a win-win-win situation: The bands get to showcase their local music with their multi-genre flavor, the live artists get to be inspired by local Miami flavor to create a unique art piece and showcase inspiration that gets fed right from the get go, the fans get to witness an all incumbent art event that they feel good going to. Much more information to follow. Now it’s time to work. Checking out the live acts now and the charity to align with. Some of the groups were looking at:

(check out - -





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