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Mmmmnnnn.... Pop!

March 02, 2011

     As I’m finishing mixing & editing this pop song (finally!) it’s almost bittersweet. Here’s this musical idea that turns into a little piano riff and then turns into a type of verse, sprinkle a little chorus and the baby starts. My goal was to make a pop song and now that I can sit back and look at it, I have so much more respect for pop.

     I’ll never forget Trey Anastasio (lead singer/songwriter of Phish) was getting interviewed by the Miami Herald during their 4-night New Years run down here in the Sunshine State. He said something to effect of “oh you think pop is that easy then go make another Hanson – mmbop those guys have been trying to make that one hit again and still haven’t achieved that success from one song for the second time.”

     I really thought it was a simple walk in the park, pop? Easy love-song? Pssh… it’s bada-bing bada-boom done and there’s instant success where’s my brewski, if only it were that easy. As this song was getting more and more in depth with sweeping vocal harmonies, call & answer guitar with vocals, supporting the main vocals with light orchestra strings is a tightrope walk, from beginning to end. At the end of the day it has to sound like the easiest song, go listen to any Jack Johnson song. But if you have that vision and perseverance no matter what it is, it’ll come into place.

     The instrumentation was recorded almost two years ago while I was still in college and I always pictured it as a happy go-lucky tune or maybe an iTunes commercial. Then I was struck by cupid’s arrow and I listened to the song while I was floating oh so peacefully in the clouds. That’s where the inspiration came in and the vocals kind of sang themselves, I just picked the lyrics out of the air as if I was in a field of strawberries and filling my basket for some strawberry milkshakes to enjoy later. Now I’m enjoying my milkshake (let’s see if it’ll bring you to the yard).

     I was introduced to a singer, she’s 16 years old and in the music magnet program of her high school. When I first meet a singer I feel it’s always nerve wrecking for them. Here I have to impress this person with my voice whom I’ve never met before in room I’ve never sat in. Needless to say she came in, asked if I wanted to hear her do a rendition of Beyonce’s – Halo while my family was eating dinner. Yup, she took a famous pop-star song and nailed it like spreading butter on bread. I was blown away and after her and her sister were arguing what song should she show me next I said it was fine because she got the part and I saw my song being sung through her.

     Having to deal with waiting for after school, choir practice, recitals, & being sick were well worth it because this is my first straight pop song and came inspired with love. It was a vision that came into fruition (I love that word, or maybe just fruit) that became a project that hits very close to home. I can’t wait for all of you guys to hear it…

P.S. the song is called “This Is Love”





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