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Oh yes, it's a lot to cook. You hungry?

March 21, 2011


     Monday morning and who’s excited? This guy. So the producing and production is well underway. Besides my own, two other projects I’m working on… just a sweet loveable Jewish sing-a-long & a straight hardcore metal band. Goes together like peanut better and jelly right? Or maybe more like hot sauce and a hot-fudge banana split.

    Its awesome that straight from the get go people are seeing Mista Spoz as a multi-genre type of cat. And it makes this cat purr.

     I played a private set yesterday for a couple of people showcasing my live DJ skills. One was the owner of a fashion store check out: GG Fashion the other a graphic designer and a music enthusiast from Panama. Pretty diverse crowd if I say so myself. Everything is made live on the spot where it’s not just me pressing a play button and bobbing my head back & forth to pre-made music. Not hating or anything, I have big respect for DJs it's just my take on it. It’s an authentic hybrid of electronic & acoustic music to the likes of Zach Deputy & Keller Williams. It’s fun.

     I said from the beginning that I’m looking to change/spice up/bring together the music scene starting with Miami. I’m ready the question is, are you? The search is on for a creative video & lighting person. That should be interesting. This building up a team part is a fascinating learning experience. You know what I’m even more excited for? Having a solid team to just get things done. That’s what you all need to know about me, when I say I’m gunna do something I do it.

So for now here’s what’s on my dinner plate waiting to be cooked:

  • Mista Spoz album – The Resume (still looking for male & female singers)
  • Composing & Producing “Jews From All Over The World”
  • Recording & Producing for the metal band
  • Live DJ & Fashion Show at Miami bar
  • Late night: Live Music – Live Art – Fashion Show benefiting a charity


Sounds like a lot to cook, but I’m a hungry guy. Happy Monday.



P.S. Don't be afraid to comment, I don't bite that hard. =)



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