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Win-Win-Win Situation? It Can't Be!

April 06, 2011


     April 13, 2011 Couldn’t come sooner. Finally with my live setup complete I’m ready to play.

     Going to see Moe. last night was a fantabulous move because there’s nothing like seeing some awesome jams and funk/jam hybrids to tickle the brain that they play on. And this Mista is ready to tickle yours.

     I had the pleasure of meeting with Gg Personal Shopping & Romina Drosi earlier this week. She is the brave woman that’s my age who smiles wider than most people I know. It’s an exhilarating feeling knowing that this Music/Fashion Charity Event is going to help someone directly. Promoting new music, revealing new fashion, having a drink on a Wednesday night is going to help Romina Drosis’ Multiple Sclerosis Fund. How often is it such a win-win-win-win situation? That’s exactly how I always want it to be done, where everyone can benefit. Promote Miami community awareness and achieve more localized consumerism all while going out for happy hour on a night after work.

     Spoz Recording is fully operational. I recorded someone for an R&B track yesterday it was quite fun. One thing I tell singers is that the audience has to feel the lyrics not just hear them. So if it’s love then you’re the happiest person on earth basking in cotton candy fields with rain gum drops or if it’s a song where your lover cheats on you then you need to be just as emotional as if cute baby rabbit was just squished right in front of your eyes. Whatever it is your audience needs to believe it. And Janine made me believe the ‘Puppet Master’.

     Earlier this week in a whole different genre we tracked the first layer of guitars for the death metal song and it was awesome. It’s reawakened my love for hard rock and metal. It was always my first love. This guitarist Daniel has a lot of talent and is young, can’t wait to see what he’s going to create.

Here's a lovely pic from the Moe. show fo:

Lots going on in the Mista Spoz “World Of Music”

Stay Tuned,




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