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Matt Jelavic -
October 27, 2011
Yo, Spoz. Was just listening to some of the remixes you have posted up on here! Sweet vibes man, looking forward to what's coming up!
Robert Elias -
March 30, 2011
Mista I would love to work on your album.
Antonio Girley -
July 14, 2011
I Just Love your Concept !
Lily -
July 05, 2011
Love the music. It's definitely unique :) love the feel. keep it up! :)
Sarah Gherman -
February 28, 2011
Hey This looks amazing. I love it and you!!! Your star keeps riising keep iit going...
Mariella nelson -
February 24, 2011
Hi: you have great talent. I know your mom, she's a wonderful person.
Xenia -
February 18, 2011
Michael Congrats!!! The trailer js AWESOME!!! Really it's Fantastic, we wish you all the success in your entire new Album ♥
JJ -
February 14, 2011
Your the grrrreatest!
Christina Duenas -
February 14, 2011
Mista Spoz, your website is amazing. I cannot wait to hear what you do next. Good Luck!!
Doug Sinning -
February 11, 2011
Great website! Very proud of your Spoz! Keep up the good work, I can't wait to hear your album! Doug
Sabrina -
February 07, 2011
Andrew -
February 06, 2011
Good tunes
Mario Sapoznik -
February 06, 2011
Mista Spoz, This is an amazing website. Mazal Tov !! I look forward to many exciting things from you.
Rel -
February 06, 2011
Signed. Nice website dude!
Rel -
February 06, 2011
What's up!
Andy Stimmel -
February 06, 2011
Legit website man! looking forward to seeing/hearing more!
Rachel Sapoznik -
February 06, 2011
Dear Mista Spoz's, Your music is amazing,i am so proud of you.Yohad a vision and went for it!!There is so much talent that comes from your imagination.This is just the beginning!! Keep making this world a better place music it the heart beat of…
Isaac & Aliza -
February 06, 2011
Awesome! We are so proud of you. Your website looks awesome. Your in the big leagues now. Love you!
Sarita Rotlewicz -
February 05, 2011
Awesome website!!
Chad (from Israel) -
February 05, 2011
Sweet website
Alexander Schneider -
February 05, 2011
Bob dole was here
JG -
August 22, 2011
Keep the tunes commin dude! Mad love Mista Spoz

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